Ndivhuho Mangale

Technical adviser for monitoring and evaluation, Pact Measuring Results Management Consultancy

With a background in social work, Ndivhuho Mangale has always wanted to help people, but now he’s using his monitoring and evaluation expertise to strengthen systems and build capacity so people can literally do it for themselves. The University of Venda graduate, who has his Master’s in Public Health and is now pursuing a PhD focused on the development of monitoring and evaluation systems for HIV, is committed to teaching those at grassroots level the necessary skills to help them secure their nongovernmental and non-profit organisations far into the future.

Part of the senior executive management team responsible for monitoring and evaluating the implementation of the department of social development’s strategic information systems and plans, he believes up-to-date information is crucial to guide policy change. “What I do is work hand-in-hand with deep rural communities in Limpopo, with NPOs and community caregivers, teaching them to compile reports, validate their data and improve their reporting systems.

“That capacity-building, training and development means their work will be properly documented,” he explains. The 35-year-old is passionate about helping people, especially in Limpopo where he grew up, and says it’s extremely fulfilling to use his specialist knowledge for good, especially in such under-resourced areas.

His company works with a range of public and private partners across the health continuum, and Mangale says the best thing about the education he provides is when he can finally walk away, knowing he has built essential capacity, and that those whom he taught will go on teaching others. “These people have huge challenges, from the long distances they must travel, to the fact that there is no transport, and their data needs to reflect all those hurdles if we are to see a real change in their circumstances.

“That’s what I do. I go in there and work with them from the ground up. Policy is based on information, but the information from areas such as these has simply been non-existent,” he says. Mangale is solutions-driven, but knows that solutions adapted to local contexts, and designed in partnership with the people responsible for putting them into action, are those most likely to succeed. Their success is his success, and he says he’s grateful to have a job that allows him to give back to those most in need.

— Di Caelers

Twitter: @MangaleN