Nwabisa Matyumza

Content bouquet manager, MultiChoice

Keeping television relevant in the age of internet streaming and YouTube is the job of Nwabisa Matyumza. The 29-year-old is the content bouquet manager for MultiChoice, where the most challenging task is constantly innovating and adapting to make sure that TV remains relevant to the way that people consume their content. She knows that if she makes one bad programming choice, the off button is just a click away.

“Television is no longer something that people do only once they get home and sit on their couch; they watch content everywhere, and they are super-vocal about it, too,” she says. Matyumza manages a portfolio of international channels including Fox, National Geographic, Sony, Cartoon Network, Boomerang, Food Network, BET, MTV Base and all the Indian channels. Her role includes managing their performance, flagging any under-performers and devising action plans to improve them.

In 2016 she implemented a six-month turnaround strategy for a channel about to be terminated and within three months it was performing at its highest level ever. She also helps international suppliers to understand African markets better so they can plan their content appropriately.

Matyumza has a BA and joined MultiChoice in 2010 as an intern. She became a junior platform specialist, involved in launching and terminating channels on the DStv platform across Africa. “I learnt a lot about the technical aspects of the broadcast business,” she says. Later she became part of the team that put together packages for digital terrestrial television in Africa. “It was a thrilling challenge, as this was new technology that would bring in a new kind of viewer to the MultiChoice platform,” she says. “Creating these packages for the various countries meant we had to immerse ourselves in our future viewers’ environments, economically, socially and culturally.

I finally understood that great television wasn’t just about giving people content, but content that means something to them in the various roles they play in their societies.” Working for MultiChoice and its local and international suppliers has given her the chance to learn from some of the best minds in television she says, preparing her for a role in the think-tank of the company and as an opinion-shaper within Africa’s television industry.

— Lesley Stones

Twitter: @MsMaqumza