Onke Dumeko

Strategic marketing manager, Ndalo Media

Amaxesha Onke Dumeko is the strategic marketing manager for Ndalo Media. Her current role sees her juggling a large portfolio within the company while balancing her passion for fitness and health with a talent as a singer. Growing up as a “preacher’s kid”, she learned to be responsible from a young age. Moving in and around Johannesburg with her family, they settled in a church house in Turffontein — a previously Afrikaans area at the time.

This move, among other incidents, saw her becoming conscious of race at a young age and awoke her to the reality of the world in which she lived. Attending prayer and counselling sessions with her father and sister at Leeukop prison at the age of 8 allowed her to resonate with real people and their stories — exposing her to some of the harsher realities of life. Her father believed this was key in making wiser decisions. Through this, she learned to appreciate all her opportunities.

She pursued a degree in marketing and economic science at the University of the Witwatersrand, graduating with an honours degree in marketing in 2009. Her professional career started in 2010 at Colgate Palmolive as a junior brand manager before moving to Brand SA as an assistant brand manager.

“Titles don’t define function. This might have been viewed as career suicide at the time. My work became cross-functional. The job required me to be open-minded, to think and adapt, stay relevant to be highly impactful.” This paved the way for her next role at Ndalo Media. She is now responsible for the communications, PR, content and campaign marketing in all divisions of the company, branding and corporate social investment initiatives. Managing Khanyi Dhlomo’s personal brand is also top on her priority list too. Supporting other people in achieving their dreams along her journey is key, with her working alongside Alek Black as his star continues to rise. Her love for magazines reaches back to her childhood.

Magazines were a regular expense and she still prides herself on her magazine collection today. The multipotentialite charismatic millennial wants to be remembered as an individual who goes beyond the call of duty. “To be remembered, think of what you want. Allow God to figure out the how,” is the personal creed she lives by. She believes she can do and be it all and intends to honour just that.

— Leigh Wils

Twitter: @ForeverOnke