Thomas Kgokolo

Financial director, DM Minerals

At age 33 Thomas Kgokolo occupies a number of board positions, overseeing private and public entities with a net asset value of over R42-billion. He is the chairperson of the board and the audit and risk committee at the Mineworkers Provident Fund, where he manages assets worth over R28-billion.
He recently joined City Power, which has a net asset value of over R10-billion, as the chairperson of the audit committee. He’s also the acting chairperson of the audit and risk committee at the bhe Banking Sector Education and Training Authority (Bankseta) and a member of the audit committee at the Local Government Seta. He chairs the finance and risk committee of the South African Heritage Resource Agency.
Kgokolo is the former chief financial officer of the Competition Commission of South Africa and also the financial director of DM Minerals.
“Being in board committees requires hard work and dedication,” says Kgokolo. “I think it’s especially the case when you are young and expected to lead people older than you. My approach has always been to prepare well in advance, and I ensure that I maintain a high level of independence.”
Asked about the golden thread that runs throughout the various board committees that he is leading, he says: “Before any business venture or board meeting, I always ask myself, how can I better serve the people of South Africa?”
As a qualified chartered accountant and GIBS MBA graduate — where he was the top student in the leadership and accountability course — Kgokolo says that his education enabled him to harness his leadership and business skills; he is determined to create a positive impact in corporate South Africa through what he calls, “good corporate governance and sustainable leadership”.
— Welcome Lishivha

Twitter: @thomas_kgokolo