Tiyani Majoko

Co-founder, Lawgistics Legal Consultancy

Both of Tiyani Majoko’s parents were attorneys, and when her mother passed away when Tiyani was 13, she decided to pursue a career in law to continue the family business. “When I qualified as an attorney I had a gnawing feeling that there had to be a better way to practice law, outside of the traditional law firms,” she says. “I began my research and found a few consultancies that I did some work with and decided to establish Lawgistics Legal Consultancy in 2014, with my dad as the co-founder.

“We have a core team of three attorneys and have consultants that work with us on an ad hoc basis, which allows us to widen the pool of expertise we can offer to clients.” The consultancy’s focus areas are the mining, energy, construction and logistics sectors, where it offers health and safety, commercial, labour, environmental and regulatory law expertise. It provides training on all the areas of expertise and also has a very good company secretarial division.

“We have adopted this operating model to give clients a more affordable legal service without compromising on the quality of the service,” she explains. “We also offer a more flexible pricing model to suit our clients’ needs and budgets. We also want to give lawyers a better quality of life, where they can plug into an assignment, deliver good work and have time to pursue other interests. The world is moving into an on-demand services model as we have seen in the hospitality, transport and even fitness sectors, so we want to advocate for this in the legal fraternity.”

Majoko believes that this model can help overcome some of the artificial barriers of entry surrounding the legal field, as there are many unemployed graduates unable to find articles and work after admission. “It gives lawyers options outside of jobs in law firms, corporate institutions and working in government — they can offer services like mediation which can help to resolve certain matters outside of court, which is cheaper and faster for the clients and ultimately increases access to justice.”

“Currently, the Law Society of South Africa does not regulate the activities of legal consultancies.” Majoko explains, but the Legal Practice Council. “The legal fraternity is very traditional and clients have a particular understanding of attorneys and how they work, so the process of re-educating clients of our services and operating model has been a challenge,” she says. “We keep focusing on delivering beyond the clients’ expectation so that they can become our biggest marketers!”

— Kerry Haggard

LinkedIn: linkedin.com/in/ tiyani-majoko-853b211b