Wilson Mathidza

TV sports director, SuperSport

Wilson Mathidza is on his way to becoming one of the youngest to direct a Rugby World Cup final broadcast. His passion for sharing and connecting people to be part of live sporting action has seen him travel the world.

Many people have helped to shape his career over the years, including the likes of Scott Seawood, who was responsible for directing the 1995 Rugby World Cup Final. Mathidza was raised by his godparents in Cape Town from the age of six, after moving from Johannesburg with his mom and two siblings.

Trust was important for all, and this is the same family whom his mom still works for to this day. His graduation from Cape Peninsula University of Technology with a qualification in retail business management in 2010 saw him returning to Johannesburg and accepting a job as as a production assistant at SuperSport. After two years, producers noticed his keen eye and approached him to direct a show. “I was thrown under the bus. I had two weeks to learn how to direct a rugby show!”

Starting off in studio on a magazine show as well as weekend build-up rugby shows, he soon moved on to direct outside broadcasts like Craven Week and various other shows. He sees this role as his coming full circle. “I used to watch rugby with my friends. Some of my friends played in the tournaments. I am now part of a team responsible for broadcasting it to others who enjoy the sport too.” His love for sport can be seen by the sparkle in his eye as he relays fond memories and experiences. “Everything is a highlight for me. I never live the same day twice,” he says.

— Leigh Wils

Twitter: @canarysilver